Best of Barcelona 1992

Relive the magic of the Games that changed the Catalan city forever.

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Baseball finally

After being demonstrated in six previous Summer Olympic Games, baseball officially became an Olympic sport.

Badminton and women's judo also became part of the Olympic program, while slalom canoeing returned to the Games after a 20-year absence.

A dangerous start

The Olympic cauldron was ignited using a flaming arrow, lit from the flame of the Olympic torch.

It was shot by Paralympic archer Antonio Rebollo, who aimed the arrow over the top of the cauldron to ignite the gas emanating from it.

The arrow landed outside the stadium. This unusual method for lighting the cauldron had been carefully designed to avoid any chance of the arrow landing in the stadium if Rebollo missed his target.

The 1992 Summer Olympic Games changed the city for good: Barcelona became a global hub where dreams could became true.See more

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