United States of America
175 cm / 5'9''
73 kg / 160 pounds
Birth date
11 Feb 1972 Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA

Number of medals

0 Olympic medals

Olympic Games

0 Olympic Games

Kelly SLATER Biography

Slater, having grown up in Florida, was never truly comfortable in waves of consequence until a trip to Oahu in 1987. A giant Northwest swell was pounding the coast, closing out breaks from Waimea to Sunset. He drove to Makaha, where he was greeted with 40' (Hawaiian scale) waves breaking across the bay. Slater parked and saw legendary charger Brandon "Big Wave" Davis waxing up his 11' gun. Big Wave Davis simply gave Slater a wink and they paddled out, trading waves all afternoon. Slater credits Davis in his biography stating "Brandon's knowledge and poise in large surf had a huge impact on my career. Anytime I'm dropping in a big wave, I think back to that wink in the Makaha parking lot and I push myself over the ledge."[8][9]

Some of his favorite surf spots include Mondos in Ventura, California, Pipeline in HawaiiKirra in Australia, Jeffreys Bay in South Africa, Minis in Ireland, Taghazout in Morocco, Veiny's in New Zealand, Soup Bowls in Barbados, and Sebastian Inlet near his home in Florida. .[10]

He is an avid golfer and practices the sport of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.[11]

Slater's surfing inspirations are said to be Andy IronsShane DorianJosh Kerr, and Dane Reynolds, Andrew Bloom of MCD/Billabong fame, Drew Phelps, Ken Wells, and Hunter Collins.[12]

In his spare time Slater enjoys playing the guitar, composing sonnets and spending quality time with his longtime girlfriend Kalani Miller, who often travels and supports him on the ASP World Tour. He also loves spending time with his lifelong friend Derek "shorebreak" Johnson, of Delray Beach notoriety. [13]